Let's make PayPal transactions friendlier.

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Label your PayPal transactions, give them a meaning, see them as simple, beautiful and interactive charts. Budget your future payments. No configuration required. Effortless!

(Only $39 CAD a year, with 7 days trial free!)


What's needed to use Docommerce?

There's no settings to trick, no debit nor credit to master (what are those anyway?), no account to reconcile, no curious reports, no account to create and no username nor password to give. Just subscribe with PayPal and use your PayPal credentials to log in securely.

What type of transactions can I create inside Docommerce?

All money in and out done with PayPal are automatically retrieved and probably categorized for you with one of the 16 available activities (transaction types). You can create transactions as budgets from the Budget Widget.

Which reports are available to use?

Inbox is where all new transactions for you to review are shown. Profit and loss shows expenses, overhead, sales, income and the likes. Activity report is about PayPal transactions vs your budget ones. To be paid is related to all sales taxes and money borrowed from friends and family.

What's a passcode?

A passcode is an auto generated 10 digit-number (or less). Click your name/company from the desktop web app navbar to get yours. This is where you can reset it, too.

I need help, where can I find it?

Just tweet the question by mentioning @docommercedotme on Twitter. We understand French, too. And don't forget to follow, in order to get tips and tricks and free goodies.

Who's Didier Valentin?

I'm the full stack developer behind the Docommerce projects. My secret sauce contains HTML, CSS3 (Bootstrap and Framework7), Javascript/jQuery, Java/Jax-rs (Jersey/Tomcat), Git and MySQL. Openshift/Red Hat Cloud hosts the API and the database. I'm doing the coding with NetBeans IDE and Brackets. Nothing complicated.

If you want to know more about the project's vision, read this.